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What we're all about

Our focus at Workshop is to create seasonal fare, highlighting what’s fresh using ingredients from our region and our nation. While not all of our ingredients will be found in our backyard, when it’s the best choice we will choose to support local. While refined, our cuisine is handcrafted, approachable and unpretentious. We will make just about everything, down to the jams, dressings and even our ketchup, in house. The few items we don’t prepare ourselves, like our breads, will be provided by the best we can find. Our greatest emphasis will be on capturing the flavours of the season, highlighting them at their peak, and preserving them to savour throughout the year. As the snow melts our garden beds, scattered over the south and west corners of our restaurant, will offer us an opportunity to connect with the food we serve on a higher level. This bounty will be speckled throughout our menus and daily creations as the seasons change. They will also be preserved to savour throughout the year. Thanks to the incredibly forward thinking building we are a part of we will be able to collect our own honey from our rooftop honeybees.

Our room is warm, rustic and inviting. Our kitchen is open, nothing to hide here. Our people and our hospitality is genuine. We aim to create a welcoming place, where we know our neighbors by name and they feel more like guests in our home than customers in our business. We hope to be a great addition to the community of The Mosaic Centre, Summerside, and the greater Edmonton area.

Mosaic centre

More than just another restaurant, we are a part of a greater community and it’s starts  with the building we operate in. The Mosaic Centre for Conscious Community and Commerce is more than an office building.  The work environment at the Mosaic Centre is less interested in the traditional “place of work”, rather, relishes in the fact that a building can be a contribution to the total human experience.

The Centre serves to maximize the benefit to both the employer and the employee. An employer who calls the Mosaic Centre home will use the building to support their vision; a vision in which he/she will create a culture that is positive, healthy and engaging for his or her people. Employees have the space to express their individuality and the building offers the flexibility to interact and collaborate with cohorts in a number of different ways depending on their needs.

The Mosaic Centre’s model is one that is sustainable, replicable, affordable and, most importantly, supportive of how our society will use work spaces to innovate and collaborate in the future.

Now we feast!